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To the guy on the Metro

I noticed your deep chestnut eyes and the way your lids groggily masked them from second to second, shutting sporadically, trying to take in ever last ounce of sleep they could muster. I wondered why you were so tired. Maybe you stayed up til 2 am, brow furrowed, pencil in hand, writing out your life story in a notebook, hidden in your dresser drawer so no one would ever see it. Or maybe you were up late with your girlfriend. Staring at the small of her back while she slept, counting all the freckles tracing her torso and smiling with every inhale and exhale her chest contracted, wondering how you got lucky enough to be with her. Or maybe you stayed up tossing and turning, thinking of the one who left you or maybe the one you let go and nervously thinking you’d never find another who made your heart pound quite that erratically again. I’m sure you didn’t notice me, I was going to an audition and nervous and reciting facts in my head, my eyes were locked forward, except for every few moments when I’d stare over at you, in your suit, and watch you run your fingers through your dark hair, scratch your head and shut your eyes again, briefly, as I wondered what you dreamt about.

-Rebecca Kush


everything personal

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